Money, fame, and validation aren’t bad things in and of themselves, but when they’re the only thing you get out of your accomplishments, you start to feel disappointed and unsatisfied when they stop coming.

Whether you’re a writer, singer, lawyer, doctor, an artist, or an engineer, everyone wants financial security. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t want to get paid for their efforts. Whatever you say, we all want something from what we’re doing or practicing, and money is the most basic necessity. Also, some people seek fame while others seek validation but if these three things are your only motivation, it’s sad to say that you have set yourself up for failure and frustration.

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I recently watched Taylor Swift’s documentary “Miss Americana,” directed by Lana Wilson, and one of the most important lessons I learnt was that no matter what you do and how successful you will be or are at it, you need a reason, a very solid REASON that keeps you going.

Before you start that business or enter into that industry, you should ask yourself the most important question that most people don’t ask: “Why Am I Doing This?” If you can’t answer this question honestly, then I don’t think you should do anything right now. Stop and consider the question first, then look deep within yourself for an answer. “If you dwell on the question long enough, the answer will arrive,” I can tell you.

At first, Taylor only wanted to be recognized, win Grammys, and be validated by people early in her career, and we all saw how that turned out. Following so much media scrutiny and a highly publicized legal battle, she vanished into thin air after her 1989 album and global tour, and everyone wondered if it was the end of her career. But the truth is, Taylor needed to ask herself that question and come up with an answer during those years of stillness. In 2017, she found her reason and released “Reputation.”

Despite the fact that the album, which was the biggest selling album of 2018, did not win any Grammy, she went on to remark, “I’ll just make a better record.” Two records later, with “Folklore,” she earned her third Album of the Year award, making her the only woman and fourth person in history to do so. She is poised to make history with her album “Evermore” nominated for “Album of the year” again at this year’s Grammys.

Taylor Swift’s journey of perseverance despite the media backlash, reputation scandals, and relationship snafus demonstrates that nothing can stop you if you can find a reason. Even if you haven’t gotten what you desire yet, your cause is the only way you’ll keep going. Your reason will guide your actions, fuel your determination, and assist you in breaking through. There are no voyages without a purpose, and if you can’t point that out, then what’s the point?

This is why so many people stroll into industries, pass through without creating a mark, and then evaporate into thin air as if they never existed, while others will be remembered forever. Many people establish enterprises and then shut down because they are afraid of getting engulfed by the waves of challenges; they don’t even give themselves a fighting chance; they simply quit.

Very few people crave impact since they are living other people’s ambitions rather than their own. They’re so focused on the glitz and glam that they forget that shiny things pass through fire; the glam doesn’t happen overnight.

There are no shortcuts to success, but if you have a reason strong enough to overcome all obstacles, the road shouldn’t be too long.



Writer, Poet, & Content creator. You love to read? Well, I love to write.

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Lácedar Terry

Writer, Poet, & Content creator. You love to read? Well, I love to write.